HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

HPS Understands That Your Project Has a Timeline.

Time management and quick, accurate results are key to the success of a project. However, the efficiency and timeliness of a project is determined by the research conducted before a project ever begins. HPS provides extensive research services to ensure your project runs smoothly, and on time.

Our research team is knowledgeable and experienced in lease, title and production review. The majority of our research is conducted locally through parish or county records to ensure we receive all necessary information and history before initiating a new lease. We thoroughly review each lease, prospect files, agreements, and assignments, and ensure all payments and responsibilities have been met. Our goal during this process is to protect our clients from any misrepresentation or wrongful information. We ensure each project follows local, state and federal laws, legislations, governmental regulations and public policies.

HPS provides the following research services:

  • Title

    HPS offers expansive title services for any and all project needs. Our ability to provide accurate and timely title research is unparalleled and can be the difference in competitive leasing situations. Our title services include:

    • Surface Title
    • Mineral Title
    • Area Checks
    • Heirship Determination

  • Abstracting

    HPS' Abstracting division strives to provide our clients and examining attorneys with complete abstracts and supporting materials in order to expedite and facilitate the drilling of wells. Our ability to create cooperative relationships between abstractor, attorney and client is key to our continued success. HPS compiles all abstracts digitally which allows us to provide information to multiple people efficiently. Our certified abstracting services include:

    • Surface and Mineral Abstracts/Run Sheets
    • Abstract Updates/Run Sheet Updates
    • Drill-Site Abstracts/Run Sheets
    • Division Order Abstracts/Run Sheets
    • Limited Abstracts/Run Sheets
    • Custom Abstracts/Run Sheets (designed to fit the client's needs)

  • Due Diligence

    HPS' Due Diligence team is experienced in providing research and calculations for acquisitions of working interests, overriding royalties, non-participating royalties and mineral interests. Depending on the client's needs, we can provide complete title research, or can review title and information provided by the client. The team's high level of experience allows us to provide accurate information under definite timelines. We have been involved in all parts of Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Colorado, and Oklahoma assisting with acquisitions of producing properties, exploration projects, and mineral and royalty package purchases. Since 2015 this area of our service has flourished, and we have been constantly involved assisting companies funded by private equity groups. We are confident in our ability to calculate complex burdens on various types of interest in order to convert the interest to net royalty acres, a common metric used in prospect valuations. Our due diligence services include:

    • Title Confirmation
    • Lease Maintenance Review
    • HBP Status and Production History Review
    • Identifying all title defects
    • Review of title opinions and any other materials provided
    • Customized reports of findings and calculations in both spreadsheet and report format

  • Mineral / Production History

    HPS provides both cursory and detailed mineral and production history reports. Mineral and production research is conducted in all phases of title research, abstracting and due diligence. It is a vital part of our research process and allows us to provide our clients with information that is deemed helpful and necessary in their exploration efforts.

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