HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

Our corporate philosophy has a strong work ethic as its foundation and demands communication, trustworthiness, and technical ability from our employees in order to excel in the petroleum land service field.

The people of HPS have a strong commitment to these values and their efforts have enabled us to continuously improve for the past forty years. We have developed a team directive approach to complete project requirements in a minimal amount of time with less overall cost. Our comprehensive understanding of our industry coupled with strong experience levels has allowed us to work seamlessly with our clients and their legal teams.

The HPS senior leadership is comprised of a core group of managers and coordinators that have been with the company an average of over thirty years.

This consistent leadership allows our clients to have the same level of performance on each and every project, year after year. Our project managers are accustomed to keeping company contacts well informed with regular status reports that have been well received and complimented throughout the industry. Each project coordinator has passed the CPL Exam requirements provided by the AAPL and are required by HPS to maintain this designation through continuing education. We are committed to results and excuses are frowned upon within the company culture. We have grown at a reasonable rate and have constantly resisted the temptation to place untrained contract workers on our clients’ projects.

Additionally, HPS remains on the cutting edge of technology.

We currently utilize the Total Technologies land management database system in-house which allows us to enter our data and provide leases, drafts, purchase reports, title reports, abstracts, run sheets, lease schedules, rental schedules and track lease payments. This system also allows us to customize reports based on the client's needs through its compatibility with the Microsoft family of software. We expanded the scope of services some years ago with the addition of the ArcView Mapping System. These maps based on data downloaded from our land management database are an extremely popular tool for our clients. This mapping program gives us the ability to customize maps based upon our clients' needs. Our administrative group and their attention to detail have resulted in consistent high praise from the various client administration staffs with whom we work.

Over the years we have remained flexible with our ability to adapt to each of our clients' software preferences including iLandman, PLAN, Quorum, Google Sheets, Drop Box, One Drive, Quick Base and various other cloud based shareable reporting programs.

Our personnel's unparalleled work ethic and the relentless pursuit of our client's objectives are the foundation of the HPS corporate philosophy that emphasizes teamwork, communication, and trustworthiness.

We pride ourselves on having clients who view us as extremely hard working, dependable, and accurate.

HPS is committed to providing the highest quality of service it can by focusing careful attention on our clients’ needs and providing experienced leadership on every project.

Be assured that we strive to ensure each client receives the most thorough and cost-efficient land service that can be provided.

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