HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

"Others Claim to Work Hard; We are the Hardest Workers."

HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc. is a full service professional land company providing comprehensive land services to all segments of the Oil & Gas Industry. Since 1979, HPS has been of service to energy exploration companies, both large and small, by providing manpower and solutions in all phases of mineral related land services.

Our personnel's unparalleled work ethic and relentless pursuit of our clients' objectives are the foundation for the HPS corporate philosophy, which emphasizes teamwork, communication and trustworthiness. We pride ourselves on having clients who view us as hard-working, dependable, and accurate.

The HPS senior leadership is comprised of a core group of managers and coordinators that have been with the company an average of over thirty years. This experienced team has allowed our clients to expect and receive the same level of consistent performance on each and every project, year after year.

HPS is committed to providing the highest quality land services. By focusing careful attention on our client's needs and providing experienced leadership on every project, HPS strives to ensure each client receives the most thorough and cost-efficient land services possible.

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