HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

Mark Hemphill, CPL

Senior Project Coordinator

Since 1993

Mr. Mark Hemphill received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from The University of Southwestern Louisiana. He began working as a landman in 1988 and joined the HPS team in 1993. Mark has extensive experience in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Montana and Ohio. Mr. Hemphill is a member of the AAPL, LAPL, HAPL, NHAPL, IRWA, and is registered with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Mr. Hemphill has conducted numerous 3D Geophysical Surveys during his tenure with HPS, and he has coordinated several lease acquisition projects in Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Montana and Mississippi. He has also coordinated numerous abstracting projects throughout Louisiana and Texas and has managed various due diligence projects covering leaseshold and mineral interest in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. Mr. Hemphill is extremely knowledgeable in state agency lease acquisitions pertaining to Louisiana and Texas state-owned minerals as well as federal lease acquisitions. His ability to manage negotiations while maintaining cooperative relationships between the landowner and operator has proven to be a real asset to our clients.    

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