HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.

Gary L. Salmon, CPL

Founder / Owner / President

Mr. Gary Salmon acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University in 1974. After a couple of years as a financial advisor for Shearson, Hayden, Stone in Lafayette, Louisiana, he became a petroleum landman in 1978. Gary has since been involved in the oil business as a founding owner of HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc., directing land and administrative duties on a contract basis for many of the premier oil and gas companies located onshore in the United States. He has been the principal owner and operator of HPS since 1988, and broadened his responsibilities when becoming a managing partner of GLS, LLC in 2000.

Mr. Salmon is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen, the Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen, the Houston Association of Professional Landmen, IRWA, and TREC. In addition to these organizations, Mr. Salmon is serving as a Senior Vice President Advisory to the President of Ducks Unlimited Inc. and is a former board member of Ducks Unlimited Canada. Locally, Mr. Salmon is a former board member on the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee for Lafayette General Medical Center retiring after 10 years, having reached his term limit. He is presently serving on the board and as the Vice President of Vermilion Corporation.

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